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I’ve started producing some entries about various ships and ports, as I become familiar with them. So far there aren’t many, but hopefully that will increase.

  • Ship Resources:
    • Ventura / Azura: a post showing the relative sizes of balconies, and showing stern balconies and the obstructions on them.
    • Arcadia: a post showing how D deck stern balconies are dark, how E deck balconies are a bit bigger than other balconies, and some pictures of an E deck cabin
  • Port Resources:
    • Naples: a post showing the layout of the port, and where the various quays are in relation to each other.
    • Venice: a post showing the locations of the cruise terminals and where the various berths and other significant port features e.g. the People Mover, and Pizza Roma, are in relation to each other.
    • Rome: a post describing a problem I encountered when getting back from the city to Fiumucino airport on a regional railways train, and a brief discussion of the various ways of getting between Fiumicino airport and the centre of Rome

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