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This page consists of links to various cruise-related sites that I have found useful in the time since I have been interested in cruising.

First, I am active on a couple of cruise forums. The largest of these is CruiseCritic, where I post with the user name ‘tom_uk’.  Next, and the place where I first starting enquiring about cruises and got a lot of advice and information before our first cruise, is CruiseTalk. This is also where I have posted a lot of my images from cruises: here is a typical page (pictures of Santorini), and from there you can find others of mine. More recently I have been posting images to my Picasa site. Finally, I have found Europe Port Reviews useful as a starting point for information about ports of call.

A few webcams that I like: Mykonos, Santorini and Palma (this one isn’t as good as it used to be; I think they’ve moved the camera a bit). Note these are live so if you’re in the USA and looking at them during the day, it’s probably night where the cameras are!

I’ve also got a (slowly) growing ‘Ships and Ports’ resource page, which you can find here. I’ve also just added a ‘Books‘ page – books I have enjoyed about cruise ships, cruise lines, and cruising.

Finally, there are many ‘enthusiast’ websites out there, but Ship Parade is one of my favourites.

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  1. Maria love says:

    Tom, I am confused. I’ve been on 2 RCI cruises, Explorer with hubby. e is ex-military and isn’t a lover of amicans, or queuing or noise. I cannot choose between new Queen Elizabeth or Adonia for a week in Fjords next summer, (unfortunately not being able to afford two weeks on Arcadia to Baltics). I think he would like the Miss Marple bit of Adonia but for the same price, am I going without? I like Azura but maybe too many people? Please help. Thanks, Maria

    • Tom says:

      I don’t think I can add much, I’m afraid, as I’m not familiar with either QE or Adonia. I would say that the americans we’ve met in Europe (on Celebrity cruises) were without exception polite, friendly and excellent company, and we enjoyed cruising with them. In fact, we have recently begun to think that something that’s been missing from our recent cruises has been that american flavour, so we’re seriously wondering if 2014 will see us back on a US-line fly cruise.

      Adonia: I get a feeling that there were some practical issues with her in the early days with P&O but I think they’ve been turned round now. But if you’re attracted to that size of ship why not look at her sisters with Princess, Azamara and Oceania? Yes, there will be americans on board, but by all accounts the standards of food and service may be higher than on P&O, esecially on Azamara and Oceania. The last of these lines is highly regarded.

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  3. wansbrough says:

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  4. Britannia IT sea trials video

  5. Paul Morris says:

    Tom, wow what a super blog, thank you. We are thinking of booking a cruise, our first, SWMBO likes the look of P&O SOU-SOU Carribean on Arcadia, so a couple of questions, how “Formal” are the formal nights, DJ”s? lounge suits? and from what I’ve seen you are a fan of the Freedom dining now, still the case?

    Any other pointers/

    Paul M

    • Tom Burke says:


      Glad you like the blog, Paul, and thanks for the comment.

      You asked a couple of questions. First as regards the level of formality, I would expect that a cruise from Southampton to the Caribbean on Arcadia would be pretty formal. Reasons? – well, Arcadia is ‘Adults only’, and they’re always more formal; and it’s Southampton to Southampton, so there shouldn’t be any problems taking all the clothes you need. Anecdotally, I hear that the Caribbean fly-cruises are getting less formal in practice, and it’s suggested that this is because of luggage restrictions on the airlines. No such issues apply in a Southampton to Southampton cruise, of course. Secondly, yes we are indeed fans of Freedom Dining.

      My recollections of our cruises on Arcadia was that formal nights were very well observed. There are reviews of the cruises we’ve done on her in the blog.

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