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Our cruise on Britannia is over and it’s time to do the regular review and summary.

The cruise was for 7 nights, starting on 29th May and finishing on 5 June. The ports of call were: Bergen; Andalsnes; Flam; and Stavanger, and there were two days at sea, the first and last full days. We chose it because we’d never cruised to the fjords before, and also  we were restricted to just a 7 night cruise this year because of other holiday commitments. We were also interested in cruising on Britannia but didn’t want to do a longer cruise on her because we felt that there were aspects of the ship that we might not enjoy.

This is the list of detailed posts that I did during the cruise:

During the cruise we enjoyed several of the bars and restaurants:

We also wandered around the ship and took a load of pictures, both of the ship and of our cabin.


So what was our overall view? As regards the cruise destinations, we very much enjoyed it. I can imagine that we’d be happy to do another fjords cruise in a few years’ time.

As regards Britannia, there was a great deal about her that we loved. Both of us were delighted with the Atrium. It is truly the heart of the ship and gives a focus to it that other ships in the fleet don’t have. We liked that way that the Atrium didn’t get too crowded, even on a bad-weather sea day when everyone was therefore inside the ship.We enjoyed the various facilities around the Atrium, especially Java and the Glasshouse. (That said, while we both expressed our approval of it initially, we met some people who preferred the Glasshouse on Azura – they like that it was different from the areas to either side, whereas on Britannia you could think of it as just another on of the atrium facilities with fairly amorphous edges.) We also like the way that the various official locations – Reception, etc – were away from the Atrium. Finally, the finishes – the look and feel of lounges, bars, restaurants, etc – were all first-class. We liked the style and decor that’s been used.

We had a good afternoon on the open decks on the last sea day. We started off on deck 19, the top of the ship, and after that moved to the Serenity pool area, and we thought that was really good. There seemed to be good space for everyone, as well – this was a fine afternoon on a sea day, so we assume that most passengers would have been outside. The space might not be right next to a pool, but there was space. However, on the topic of the open decks, we were greatly put off the Sunset Bar by our soot experience – we sat on a seat in that area and when we rose, our clothes were dirty with soot, which is taking some effort to remove. Other people on board had similar experiences. This is a great pity because the Sunset Bar has a great location, and we’ve always enjoyed the Terrace Bar (the equivalent bar) on Ventura / Azura.

We greatly enjoyed our evening in the Limelight Club; we both think that’s a great venue. We also really enjoyed the Crow’s Nest. We think it’s a better cocktail bar than the Planet Bar/Metropolos on Azura/Ventura – Val especially has never liked the video walls in those other bars.

Finally, I can’t comment on the theatre, the Live Lounge, or Brodie’s as we didn’t use them.

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