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Well, this is being written very late – in fact it’s already July in 2018. I was surprised to find that I had not in fact written anything about our plans for this year.

We are at last going to do a fly-cruise! – with P&O. We’ve booked a seven night cruise on Oceana for September, starting and finishing in Malta and taking in ports in Italy and Croatia. We originally booked it while on-board Azura during our norther waters cruise last year, so even the booking is already over a year old…. We’ve been feeling for a couple of cruises that 14 nights is possibly a bit longer than we really want to do, especially when you add getting to and returning from time. We’ve begun to find that we like more frequent but shorter breaks, so a short cruise fits nicely into that concept. But just in case seven nights isn’t enough, we’re prefacing it with two nights in Malta. Allowing for them, plus the unavoidable pre-flight night at the airport, we’ll be away from home for ten nights. And we’re flying from Manchester! – so no slog back from Heathrow. (Although the last couple of times I’ve had to do that on my own, it hasn’t been too bad.) And if they’ve finally finished the A6/Manchester Airport Relief road by then, the drive to and from will be even easier.

This will be our first cruise on Oceana, although we did do a ship visit to her a long time ago. It will be interesting to cruise on what is frankly an older-generation ship, albeit one that’s been kept as up-to-date as possible. But no Glass House! – how will we cope? I’m sure we will.

And that’s it.

Update: we have now done our 2018 cruise, and you can find my summary and overview, plus links to detailed posts, here.

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