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The table shows a list of ships either under construction or on order. This is version 1, as at January 2017.

The list shown is ordered by expected of delivery. I’ve taken some liberties with these dates: if the best information I’ve got is that delivery is due in ‘Spring 2018’, for example, I’ve said it’s in April of that year; similarly, ‘Late 2019’ would be November or December 2019. The figure under ‘Berths’ is for double-occupancy; maximum capacity could be, and often is, higher. (The only ship in the list that has the distinction of not having ‘additional berths’ is the Regent Seven Seas ship due in 2020. Her sister ship, Seven Seas Explorer, has an absolute capacity of 738 – only two people per cabin.)


I’ll update the list as and when dates get firmer for those ship where delivery is ‘Unknown’.



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