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When we were on Oceana in September 2018 we wandered along to the Future Cruises desk (as you do, of course….) and had a look at the recently-released brochure for summer 2020. We’d also just been to a presentation by one of the Future Cruises team members during which she outlined P&O’s ‘Track Itineraries‘ concept. I’d already spotted what they were doing, but it was good to have my thoughts confirmed. She also confirmed something else I’d noticed, and that was that the only ships doing varying cruises were Arcadia and Aurora. So we had a look at the summer 2020 itineraries for those two ships.

I ought to say that we had looked at itineraries with Fred Olsen that we liked. Typically, these went to smaller ports and often had overnight stays in port. In the end, however, we were put off Fred because they don’t do Freedom Dining. They only do fixed sittings, and now that we’ve done Freedom we wouldn’t want to go back to fixed. So that ruled out Fred.

We found a couple of itineraries on Aurora that we liked the look of. Both are for 18 nights which is longer than we’ve ever cruised before (our previous record longest was 17 nights in 2012). Both feature a good number of ports (9) including some we’ve not been to before (e.g. Olbia in Sardinia) and some smaller ports, e.g. Santa Margherita in northern Italy. They’re defined in the brochure as being ‘Discovery’ cruises, which means, I think, that they do indeed go to ports that P&O don’t usually, or often, visit.

In the end we booked the earlier of these two cruises, which departs in June. We’ve also splashed out a bit as regards the cabin. We’ve booked a Deluxe Balcony, which on Aurora means a significantly upgraded cabin and a decent balcony. We’ve also graciously said that we’ll let them upgrade us if they want to, which is OK because the only upgrades available are to mini-suites or suites, and I’m sure we’d be happy with either of those!

So that’s us sorted for 2020.

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