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Yesterday (5 August 2018) The Observer published an article headed “Will giant cruise ships destroy the wonders their passengers claim to love?”. It was written by Rowan Moore, who is their architecture correspondent. (This is the second ‘In the News’ post I said I’d do.) The thrust of the first part of the article is […]

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P&O Iona

Well, I was wrong – the new ship will not be called Olympia. As everyone knows by now, her name will be Iona. That’s a nice name, and it trips off the tongue, but of course there’s no echo of P&O heritage there at all. But never mind. P&O have issued a fly-around animation of […]

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More on the biggest ships

As promised, here’s some some more information on big ships. I’ve arbitrarily decided to define these as “ships bigger than Queen Mary and/or Queen Elizabeth” – Cunard’s original Queens. First, here’s a table of 65 cruise ships of over 100,000 gross tonnage: Name Year Gross Tonnage Cabins Passengers Standard Max Harmony of the Seas 2016 […]

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