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I recently did a post in which I outlined the UK Government’s advice on ‘cruise travel’. Essentially, it was – don’t. That advice has changed in the past few days. The advice now includes two additional paragraphs in which the UK Government attempts to define what they mean by ‘cruise travel’. Here are the additional paragraphs:-

Cruise ship travel means staying overnight for at least 1 night on a sea-going cruise ship with people from multiple households.

Our advice against cruises applies to international travel on a ship that is exclusively for pleasure or recreation, providing overnight accommodation and other leisure facilities such as entertainment venues or swimming pools.

That would appear to open up two possibilities. The first is that this permits uk passengers to go on river cruises in Europe. I understand that some of the river cruise lines are restarting, and I believe that many UK river cruise passengers will be happy with this change in the guidance.

The second possibility is that, read carefully, the advice against cruises does not apply to non-international travel on a cruise ship. Theoretically, a cruise completely within the UK would be within the guidance. But that’s purely theoretical – I can’t see it actually happening.

Here’s a link to the revised UK Government advice.

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