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We had expected to do two cruises this year. We had booked an 18-night cruise on Aurora for April but we had already cancelled this last autumn – we had been expecting that Val would have retired in 2019 which would have given us the time to do this cruise. In the event Val didn’t retire so we decided that it wouldn’t be possible for her to find the 3 weeks’ holiday in spring just for that (as well as all the other holidays she would want to take) so we cancelled it. We lost our deposit, but because we had booked it while on a previous cruise, that was just £50 each.

Then when we saw Iona’s schedules we were attracted to a one-week cruise in December, a ‘Winter Markets’ cruises, calling at Hamburg, Rotterdam (for two days) and Zeebrugge, and we booked it. Then Covid-19 struck the world. That cruise might still happen, of course – December is still 6 months away – but we can’t be confident it will. So we’ve taken advantage of P&O’s ‘free transfer’ policy, have cancelled that one, and have rebooked for the equivalent cruise – same ship, same itinerary – in December 2021. So that’s something to look forward to.

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