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…I am not able to confirm a date when we can expect to resume normal operations…

Fred. Olsen have announced that the ‘pause’ in their ocean cruising itineraries will be extended beyond the previously-announced date of 23 May, and no date has been given as to when the pause will end. Peter Deer, managing director at Fred. Olsen Cruises said “At this stage I am not able to confirm a date when we can expect to resume normal operations as I don’t want to set an expectation and not be able to deliver what we promise”.

Mr Deer’s announcement goes on to say that the company are keeping a close eye on the latest guidance from the relevant authorities, both UK and overseas. It also says they are “very clear on our position that we will not resume cruising until we know it is safe for us to do so”.

Fred. Olsen will be assessing all currently still-planned upcoming cruises from 23rd May in date order. Guests who are booked onto the sailings that will now be cancelled will be contacted by Fred. Olsen Cruises at least 30 days in advance – which means that passengers on the first cruises to be affected by this announcement can expect to be contacted pretty soon.

My feeling its that an extension beyond late May (the period to which most cruise lines operating in the UK market have already cancelled cruises) was inevitable – the world will not be ready for cruising to resume  for quite a while.  I also think that Peter Deer is being honest when he says that he cannot give a date on which they hope to resume – indeed, as I said in a post the other day, I’ll be surprised if cruising resumes this year.

At the moment the Fred. Olsen website has not been updated with this news – I’ll edit this post when it has.


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  1. Chris Lord says:

    Not a specific comment about this particular story but more a general one.
    Thank you for making this blog active again, your reporting and comments have always been well presented and I, for one, have missed reading your take on the cruise scene. I hope we will continue to get regular stories and updates from you to keep us up to date in these very strange and uncertain times.

    Regards and keep well.

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