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Just over a week ago the CDC announced an extension to its “No Sail Order” for cruise ships in US waters. The impact of the Order is that cruise ships may not sail (depart) from ports in US waters.

The Order shall remain in operation until ….. 100 days from publication

The order makes mention of efforts by the CDC and the US Coast Guard to lead efforts by the cruise lines to monitor health on ships, to train crew in Covid-19 prevention, and to make plans for managing and preventing outbreaks on board. However, the guts of the order are that ships may not presently sail – that is, depart on a cruise – from a US port. The Order will remain in force until the first of these three things has occurred:-

  1. Covid-19 is no longer officially regarded as a public health emergency; or
  2.  The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the Order; or
  3. A further 100 days have passed. (If this is the first of the three events to occur, then I would expect that the Order would be further extended.)

Strictly speaking, this Order only applies to cruise ships in US ports or waters, so theoretically it is possible that sailings in non-US waters – e.g. Europe – could recommence earlier. But somehow I can’t see it. In any case, a further issue in Europe or Asia is that separate countries are likely to refuse entry to cruise ships sailing from ports not under their own control, so in practice cruising will remain on hold. The ‘100 days’ starts on the 9th of April, I believe, which means that will expire on or around the 18th of July. But I would anticipate a further extension from that date.

Here’s a link to the CDC website page.

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