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I gather that Britannia was very delayed getting into Southampton yesterday (25 May 2019) at the end of a 7 night Fjords cruise – I believe she didn’t dock until around 3pm. This, of course, affected both disembarkation and embarkatio, both of which were very delayed. Embarkation eventually started early evening, and Britannia sailed for Cherbourg at just after 11pm.

I understand that the cause of the problem was engine trouble, but at the moment it’s not clear what the nature of the problem was. I can only assume that it was fixed, as Marine Traffic showed Britannia reaching just over 20 knots on the passage to Cherbourg, which I guess would not have been possible if the problem was persisting.

Apparently P&O emailed passengers on Friday to advise them to delay their arrival into Southampton by five hours, but it seems that a lot of people didn’t receive it, or didn’t notice it – there are accounts of people arriving at the normal time and then having to sit in their cars in and around the dock for a number of hours. The coaches stuck to their timetable, apparently, although there was a story that after his last pickup one driver visited every service station on the road between Leicester and Southampton in order to delay arrival! I assume that coach passengers arriving on time (which would normally be during the early and mid afternoon) had to sit in the waiting lounge in the terminal.

I’m not clear yet what arrangements were made for dinner yesterday evening, but I imagine it would be open seating wherever people could be accommodated. There was also a suggestion that at some point there was a distribution of sandwiches to those waiting in cars.

Finally, I gather that P&O has implemented £20 additional OBC for those passengers delayed embarkation. Some people are happy with this, some are not. No word about anything for the delayed arrivers – at least one passenger has pointed out that, with their long drive home (possibly to Scotland), they were having to book an unplanned night at a Premier Inn en route because they weren’t starting their drive home until mid-afternoon, they would not be able to do the whole drive in one go. This has led to significant extra expense, of course.

If i pick up more details I’ll post them here.

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  1. Robert castle says:

    Time to catch up on the Arcadia j909 cruise June 24to July 13.
    Seal problem on azipod then added to by broken band meaning one missed port ( messini)
    Divers work in three stops Malaga Venice split USA divers work. In effect 3.9 days stop in Malaga two official mending days! Was the ship safe? No one said and kept stum.
    Very very limited on board info by captain A very poor show P&O

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