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Aurora Refit 2019

Beginning in a week or so, Aurora will be having a refit. This will be in  conjunction with her switch from being a ‘family friendly’ ship to being ‘adults only’.

She’s due back from her present cruise, R903, to Norway and to see the Northern Lights (hopefully), on 23 March, and her next cruise, R905, begins on 8 April. That leaves a gap of 16 days, which after allowing for transit between Southampton and either Bremerhaven or Hamburg, leaves a bit less than 14 days to do the work. All of this suggests that the refit will be quite small in scope.

And indeed, that seems to be the case. Below is the only significant change I can see – changes to deck D. The children’s facilities will be removed, a number of new cabins (Inside, Balcony and Deluxe Balcony) will be installed, and it looks as if the Terrace Pool area will be tidied up. I can’t decide how I feel about that, but I had hoped that they might do something more adventurous with that space. Could they have turned it into a seriously good cocktail bar, partly inside and partly outdoors? I don’t know, and in any case there’s no point speculating – it’s going to be more cabins.

I’ll try to get more information as the refit approaches.


3 Responses to “Aurora Refit 2019”

  1. Ian says:

    Will be interesting to see how they “tidy up” the aft deck. The original deck I assume is teak, but these days they tend to put down synthetic materials. Hope it doesn’t end up being a horrible mismatch!

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ian.

      I’ve never been on Aurora – that will come in June 2020 – but like you I assume that her decking is teak. Surely they wouldn’t?…

      • Gary says:

        The deck is indeed teak and beautiful too. It’s the first P&O ship we sailed on so we’re quite attached to her but my son is not too pleased now she’s gone adults only as he’s a father of 2 so they can’t go on her. It was, in my opinion, an obvious decision with the way P&O have been heading. I’m sure you’ll love her Tom when you sail on her though I hope they don’t mess up the beautiful aft deck.

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