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I was packed and ready before 8 o’clock, the listed time for independent travellers to start their disembarkation. In the event I joined the end of the party disembarking at 8 for the Emirates flight to Heathrow. It all went smoothly.

Once off the ship we all had to get our main luggage. This had been arranged in a covered area by ‘label colour’. For example, all of those on that Heathrow flight had yellow bag tags, and all the bags with that colour tag were stacked together. Altogether there were nine different colours for flights, plus another colour for independent travellers. I found my bag very quickly and equally quickly found a taxi. There were about half a dozen or so waiting, and not much business for them. So I was straight into the taxi and off to the airport.

The taxi fare was 120 Dirhams which seemed very high, so I think I was fiddled on that one. But I didn’t feel like arguing and in any case I had plenty of dirhams. But on reflection I don’t think he had the meter on.

So that was me walking into the airport just before 8:30. I’d done the online check in a couple of days ago, so I just went to the bag drop counter and dropped my bags (obviously….). Then there was an exit passport check which gave me another stamp, a quick security scan, and I was airside at 9 o’clock.

I’m afraid I don’t know if passengers with P&O flights had to go through check in or not. I’ve done a number of round trips with Emirates, I’m an Emirates Skywards member, I’d registered this trip with them, I’ve got the App, and that gives access to on-line check in. But that might not be true of other passengers.

So now I’m just hanging around the airport waiting for boarding. All in all, it’s gone pretty smoothly, and certainly I haven’t found myself in any long queues. But of course other passengers’ experience might be different.

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