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Just as happened when we re-entered the UAE at Abu Dhabi from Bahrain, authorities at Dubai require us to do a face-to-face passport check when we re-enter the UAE there tomorrow morning from Oman. I’m not clear yet how this is going to be managed, but it will probably involve passengers to go through this check early in the morning. If it’s like the Abu Dhabi exercise, there’ll be a time limit on it – at Abu Dhabi it had to be finished by 11:30, which was achieved with time to spare.

We’ll also get our passports back – they were taken from us at Abu Dhabi. So one piece of organisation I do know is that when we go for this check, passengers from certain decks have to go to a particular desk, and passengers from the other decks have to go to a different desk. This is all detailed in a sheet distributed to all cabins yesterday or even the day before.

I’ll post something tomorrow after this has happened with information on the procedure. I’m pretty sure that these procedures will apply to all of these itineraries.

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