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Today we’re in Muscat, and as is my habit I’ll be going ashore on my own. This is another country (Oman) so of course there is another currency to deal with (Omani Riyals) and this presents some additional hassle. Horizon is advertising the US$ as the currency, but the port presenter said that while some places will accept dollars, e.g. in the Souk, you’ll get a rubbish rate of exchange. Better to draw some cash from an ATM, but of course that leaves open the question of how much should you draw out. Either way, you’ll lose money, either from the aforementioned rubbish exchange rates, or because you don’t spend all the Riyals you withdrew. And who is likely to have plans to return to Oman in the near future?

The other hassle is that I won’t have any connectivity from about 10:45 or so this morning. That’s when the internet package that I triggered yesterday expires, and of course my UAE sim from du won’t work in Oman (and don’t ask about EE’s coverage and costs here…). So I shall be going dark soon, as they say in all the best spy movies. I hope to be back on-line sometime tomorrow afternoon, after the return from Khasab, and at that time I’ll be able to post some comments about these two ports in Oman.

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