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I went ashore at just after 11 o’clock, stayed for about two and a half hours, and then came back to the ship.

I actually started the ‘going ashore’ process at about 10:30, but what with queuing for the tender ticket and then for the tender to be available, it was just gone 11 before the group that included my ticket number was called. Actually tendering took between 15 and 20 minutes – a short period to fill the tender, ten minutes for the actual crossing, and then five minutes or more to get the tender moored and passengers off.

On first stepping ashore it became apparent how basic the facilities are on SBYi. There’s what looks like an artificial beach, with a roped-off swimming area. Above that, on the beach, is a host of (small) sunshades and wooden loungers. Then there are some large covered areas that were being pressed into service as a buffet and a bar; and there are several sets of loos. And that’s it. At the back of all this is a narrow road, and it’s along this road that excursions depart. There is basically just the one excursions, to (hopefully) see the wildlife of SBYi; and this lasts just an hour.

So basically going ashore gives you however long you want on a beach. I sat on a lounger (which I found uncomfortable) for a while, had a brief swim, had a wander along the footpaths, took some pictures, had some lunch, and didn’t have a drink. At about 1:in44 or a bit later I decided I’d had enough and went back to the ship. There again I’m not a beach person, but I gather that a lot of people were enjoying the day.

I’ll endeavour to find out how the excursions went.

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