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Abu Dhabi Louvre

I made it to the Louvre museum. I went by taxi from the Abu Dhabi mall, and went direct by taxi back to the cruise terminal. The fare was just under 20 Dhs for each journey. Taxis are easy to get at the mall – there is a special taxi pick-up and drop-off entrance, and I was able to get a taxi without waiting. Similarly there is a taxi pick-up area at the museum, with taxis waiting.

Enough of the practicalities – how was the museum? Well, I certainly enjoyed it very much. It’s arranged in a number of areas, each with three or four galleries. In the galleries are objects from all the major cultures on earth, starting in pre-history and going forward to today. Typically a gallery shows objects from around the world that were used for the same thing , e.g. funeral urns, or holy books. Religion is a constant element, and the museum shows how all cultures have striven to represent their gods and their beliefs in objects.

The building itself is stunning, of course, as were yesterday’s destinations. I do have images but I’m not able to post them yet. Perhaps when I get home I’ll add some pictures to the posts I’ve already done.

One thing – thee is an entrance fee, which is 60 Dhs + (5%) VAT, so the price I paid was 63 Dhs. Well worth every penny, IMHO.

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