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There’s a slight wrinkle or complication regarding passports. Apparently the authorities at Abu Dhabi perform a ‘face to face’ confirmation of passport when you first go ashore in that Emirate. Of course, it’s in the same country as Dubai, where passengers entered the UAE and had their passports checked on entry.

In order to facilitate this, passports are being checked by Dubai officials during the embarkation process. At the conclusion of this, an extra two pieces of documentation are enclosed with your passport. The first, which is the size of an airline boarding card, is attached to the passport with stickers (looked excursion stickers, in fact). The second, smaller, document described itself as a receipt. Both of these have to be kept with your passport during the stay in the UAE, or at least until after leaving Abu Dhabi.

I’ll add further information as this plays out over the next few days.

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