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Oriana in buff funnel livery

Oriana is on her way back to Southampton from Lisbon. A few days ago she lost power and drifted in the Atlantic for some hours on her way from the Canary Islands to mainland Spain. When power was restored she made for Lisbon where presumably inspections were made and possibly further repairs carried out. I understand that the breakdown occurred after leaving Tenerife for La Coruna on 1 January, after seeing the New Year’s fireworks at Santa Cruz, Tenerife. So far there’s no explanation from P&O about the causes of the breakdown.

She left Lisbon shortly after midnight today (4 January) and is due back into Southampton in the early hours of 6 January. This puts her back on her original schedule so the impact on the present cruise has been that there’s been an additional call at Lisbon but the call at La Coruna will have been missed. Her next cruise, X901, is due to start on the 6th so if all goes well there should not be any impact on that cruise.

I’ll monitor Oriana’s progress during the passage to Southampton and report any changes.

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