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The Cathedral and the Fontana d’Orione

And at last we’ve reached the pictures from the final port of call, Messina. This was a last-minute port after the call at Dubrovnik had to be cancelled due to bad weather. Here’s a link to the post covering what we did there, but basically we just went ashore and wandered around. Actually, we had a better day than we had expected.


2 Responses to “Oceana cruise – pictures from Messina”

  1. Jason Hayes says:

    Thanks for the pictures Tom but my wife and i are eagerly awaiting a blog from you giving your overall summation of both the ship and the cruise. Please…

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, I did say I’d do that, didn’t I? And I will. Hopefully before the end of this week….

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