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Foreign Currency Blues

As a result of the weather we are not in Dubrovnik today (Tuesday); instead, we are at sea and will be calling at Messina tomorrow. That’s fine, we have no complaints about the change of itinerary. But an issue has arisen for us. As I said in an earlier post we had carefully spent almost all of our Euros when leaving Venice. Yesterday, in Zadar, we had carefully not spent our Croatian Kunas because we would need them in Dubrovnik. Now, of course, we need more Euros and our Kunas are superfluous. No problem, I thought – Customer Services will be able to change our spare Kunas into Euros.

Well, in theory they can, but only via GBP – that is, we’d have to exchange Kunas into GBP and then buy Euros with GBP, at rubbish exchange rates. So the next plan was to just get some GBP for the Kunas. We have 360 Kunas, made up of 1×200 K note, 1×100 K note, 2×20 K note and 2×10 K note, but I’ve been told that customer services only issues, and can only accept, notes in 100 K and 50 K denominations. So the only amount we could exchange at all would be 100 K – at a rubbish exchange rate!

I’m disappointed that they can’t be more flexible, given that the need to exchange money has arisen because of the itinerary change.

How did we get the 200 K note, and how will we get Euros in Messina, you wonder? I have a Caxton currency card which I have to say I have found very useful in the nearly two years I have had it. I can draw cash from ATMs with it at a good exchange rate, and I can also use it as a debit card. As long as I have sufficient credit, of course – I do have transfer GBP funds to it in advance.

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  1. Jason Hayes says:

    The problems with travelling! We lifted £200 on Guernsey only to find out later that it is not sterling and not legal tender in the UK. My bank took it though with no commission. Phew.

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