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A meal in Café Jardin

On Monday evening we had a meal in Café Jardin, and this is a brief report on it.

The date meant that we were eating from Menu 2. For starter we shared a ‘sharing board’, the Rustic Tempura Verdura, and that was delicious and tasty. Val then had Feathered Beef Steak for her main course and I had a pasta dish – mushrooms and broccoli with pappardelle in a cream sauce. Then for dessert we shared a Trio of Desserts – a cheesecake, ‘fruits of the forest’ in jelly, and a Tiramisu Chocolate Brownie. To accompany the meal Val had a glass of Shiraz and I had a glass of Chardonnay, and coffee to finish.

Our conclusions are these: first, the food was very nicely cooked and well presented – we enjoyed the taste of everything. Secondly, the service was professional and attentive without being fussy or overly-attentive (we’ve sometimes felt this was the case when eating in East/Sindhu or The White Room/Epicurean on other ships.) Thirdly, the quantity was just too much. We struggled a bit with the Trio of Desserts between us, but in theory it’s a Trio each! – certainly that’s what the overall price of the meal includes.

Talking of the price, we paid £8.50 each for the meal itself, plus the cost of the wine (which would have been chargeable anyway). We felt it was well worth it – much better value than the speciality restaurants on the other ships, even though (like them) it was a significant step up in quality and ambience from the main dining room. And there were wines on the list that aren’t available in the regular bars, for example the Planeta Chardonnay.

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