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Transfer to Oceana

It’s Thursday so it must be time to transfer from the hotel to Oceana. We already knew that the transfer was to be at 11 o’clock, and we were in the hotel lobby checking out before 10:30. We found a P&O rep who was organising the collection of luggage, and who also gave each of us a health questionnaire/declaration to complete and hand in at check-in. We had time for a chat with another couple who were also transferring, then at 11 o’clock prompt we were called to board the coach. This appeared to be full, by the way, so there must have been perhaps 50 passengers staying at the hotel.

The distance from the hotel to the cruise terminal is only a couple of miles or so, but the roads in Valletta generally have to take a complicated route. What with that plus traffic congestion I suppose it took us nearly 15 minutes before we arrived at the terminal. We were off the bus quickly and straight into check-in, which followed the usual format: we handed over our passports, e-tickets and a credit card, and in return they took our photographs and then gave us a cruise card each. There was a security screen as well but we were through that quickly, and then we walked across the hot quayside and onto Oceana. This was about 11:30 so the whole process had taken very little time. We were told that the cabins would be available by 12:30 so to pass the time we went to the Plaza (Oceana’s buffet) and had an early lunch. A little bit of exploration after that took us to 12:30 at which time we were told via an announcement that the cabins were ready so off we headed. We were pleased to see that our bags were already stacked outside the cabin.

So then we unpacked which didn’t take too long – having to pack for the flight meant that we didn’t have as much stuff as we would normally take from Southampton. Being gluttons for punishment we then went back ashore and explored the area around the Triton Fountain. But it was hot and we were a bit tired so we were back onboard by 3-ish.

We have safety drill at 8:15 tonight (new passengers only) so that has impacted on our dinner plans somewhat. We think we’ll go to dinner early, then do the drill, and after that see how we feel. I suspect an early night might ensue.

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