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P&O Drinks Package

P&O are apparently going to trial a range of drinks packages on Azura. It will commence 21 July. There will be a range of packages – hot drinks, non-alcoholic, and children’s – but the headline package is the Ultimate Drinks Package.

The principal features of this are:

  • It will cost £39.95 per person per day;
  • All adults in a cabin must each buy it, and it must be for all days in the cruise. Well, that’s not quite true – you can buy it on board up until midnight of the second night of the cruise. Also, it will only apply to cruises of five nights or more;
  • It only applies to drinks up to a value of £6.95 – drinks over that value must be paid for, but package holders will get a 20% discount on them;
  • There’s a maximum of 15 drinks per day on the package;
  • And there has to be a 15-minute break between orders.

(There are some other restrictions, but those are the main ones.)

So this is a typical drinks package, as enjoyed by passengers on a number of cruise lines. I know some people enjoy them, but I’ve always had my doubts. £80-worth of alcohol a day, every day, is way too much for us – in fact, it could be more than £80, of course, if you actually had 15 drinks each in a day. (How you’d have anything the day after, beats me… actually, whether you’d be alive the day after is the real question!) We simply don’t drink that much – on occasion we’ve splashed out on an expensive bottle of wine, but that’s just one bottle. And we also like to have some sober days during a cruise, especially a 14 nighters or longer. So not for us, I think.

And I’ve started to have stray thoughts about how it would work in practice. Unfortunately it doesn’t include bottles of wine, just glasses, which means that wines that are only available by the bottle aren’t included – that’s a real blow to us. Although there’s always the Glass House….. Then there’s the weird interaction of the price ceiling and the 20% reduction for drinks costing more than that – if you buy a glass of wine at, say, £8.00 it’s not included in the package; but the actual price you’d pay would be £8.00 minus 20%, which would bring the price down to £6.40 – which is within the package price limit! Then there’s differently-sized wine servings – 175ml might be under the limit but 250ml might be over – so you just keep buying 175ml glasses. And finally, how will they handle a G&T? will that be one drink, or two? At the moment you do see two entries on your receipt slip.

Val says I’m over-thinking this, and she may be right.

2 Responses to “P&O Drinks Package”

  1. Wendy Cox says:

    I think all children’s soft drinks should be free any way .p&o
    are making enough money out of people.and standards have slipped over the years.especially were the food is concerned.but prices still keep rising.fancy charging children for an icecream.I ask you.

    • Tom Burke says:

      I hear what you say, Wendy, but I’m not sure I agree with you. I can image that in summer, on Britannia, Azura and Ventura there’s be an awful lot of free ice creams given away!

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