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I did a post over a year ago about the issues that arose when we tried to book our next cruise (that’s this year’s). Eventually everything came together, and all seemed OK. But today I’ve received a bit of blow.

About a month ago we went through the excursions and booked three – one each for our calls at Ravenna, Split and Dubrovnik. (We’ll do our own thing at Venice.) For Ravenna I booked the “Ravenna Mosaics” tour – I’m especially interested in the period of history known as Late Antiquity, and Ravenna, by a series of historical accidents, has a number of buildings and interiors that date from that period. In fact, the inclusion of Ravenna in the itinerary was a big influence in the choice of that specific cruise.

Today I received an email from P&O informing me that the excursion had been cancelled and that I would get the relevant refund. I spoke to P&O to enquire as to the reason for the cancellation and quickly discovered that it wasn’t just the excursion that had been cancelled, it was the call at Ravenna that had been cancelled – due to “Tidal Conditions” in the port that day. We’ll be calling at Zadar instead.

Well, I’m sure that Zadar is attractive and pretty, and also that when the day arises I’ll enjoy the visit, but I’m still going to miss the mosaics.

Ah well, never mind. But it brings back the old advice: if you really, really want to visit somewhere, don’t rely on a cruise to do so – make it a special trip instead.

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