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P&O have released some more teaser information about Iona. She’ll be their next mega-ship, due to join the fleet sometime in 2020. I’ve done some posts about her probable overall layout because she will be a close relation to other ships for which we already have details, but of course there will be differences in decor and fittings. Now P&O have given us some artists’ impressions and animations, here, of the Grand Atrium.

The Grand Atrium does look impressive. Having cruised on Britannia I enjoyed the atrium there, and much more so than on Ventura and Azura. The animation of the forthcoming Iona atrium looks as if it will be a large, open, multi-functional space, with what looks like a full, 3-deck height window. (For some reason that animation doesn’t run on my iMac but does on my PC – strange.)

Then there are some illustrations of spaces and facilities in or just off the atrium. There’ll be a Glass House – yes! – on deck 7, the middle level of the atrium. THere’s also a mention of something called Cellar Door at the Glass House. which will offer wine talks, tastings and wine-pairing dinners. I know we’ve enjoyed the wine-pairing dinners in the Glass House on Azura and Britannia, and it looks as if they are expanding that aspect of the concept.


A P&O Cruises first, the Keel & Cow is an unpretentious gastropub where food and drink have been crafted into something truly special

Next is something definitely new – an ‘unpretentious gastropub’ to be called “The Keel and Cow”. This will be on deck 8, and will offer food all day – breakfast, lunch and ‘hearty dishes’ in the evening.  There are specific mentions of beef & stout burger, beer-battered fish and triple-cooked chips, and black-pudding scotch eggs as examples of (presumably) hearty dishes. (My assumption is that this will be all be extra-cost.)

Next up is the Emerald Bar, “for evening glamour”, which I assume will be Iona’s equivalent of the Red Bar on Ventura and the Blue Bar on Azura and Britannia. This will be on deck 6, i.e at the lowest level of the atrium. Finally, and also on  deck 6, there will be Vista’s Cafe Bar, which will serve tea, coffee and snacks all day long “as well as a selection of tempting treats from … Eric Laniard”. That sounds like Java on the other ships, but interestingly there’s no explicit mention of either that name, nor of Costa Coffee.

And that’s not all! – there will additional fun in Vista’s. From mid-morning there will be pop-up entertainment, while from early “you’ll be delighted by impromptu aerial performances”. And there’s also a mention of bookshop.

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