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I mentioned in an earlier post that I had stumbled across an internal P&O Question and Answer document, presumably to help their customer-facing staff in conversations with customers about Oriana’s departure.

Here’s a copy of that document. I’ve retitled it so that it’s WordPress-compliant, but I haven’t edited any of the content. It’s four pages long, and by default just the first page displays, but there’s a little widget at the bottom of the document to display the other pages. Just click on the down arrow just to the left of where it reads “Page 1 / 4” (or whatever page you’re on).


6 Responses to “Oriana leaving the fleet – the P&O “Q&A” sheet”

  1. Ian Maguire says:

    Hi Tom,
    Unable to see the attachment unfortunately. It just says “failed to fetch”.

  2. Ian Maguire says:

    Hi Again,
    I have found that if I actually go into this article the document does appear – just not on the home page!

    • Tom Burke says:


      Can you tell me what your environment is – PC or Mac, OS version, browser, etc? I’ll be honest, I’ve tried it in Safari on my iMac, and also in IE, Edge and Chrome on a PC, and it works OK for me in all of those environments. I am always aware, however, that just testing it in ‘Preview’ mode on the machine where I logged-in and created the content isn’t the best of tests – it’s possible that I have special privileges because of cached credentials, etc. But the PC is a completely different machine and one on which I’ve never managed the blog.

      Anyway, glad you can see the content.

  3. Ian Maguire says:

    Hi Tom,
    I was originally on a PC using chrome and now on an IPad using safari – with the same results i.e. can’t see the attachment on the home page ( some sort of error message), but when I click onto the article it appears!

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for that, Ian.

      Just as a matter of interest, what are you seeing when you open the blog, or the post? An icon, or the actual document? I’m seeing page 1 of the actual document.

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