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I’ve learned that Oriana is definitely going to China – specifically, “a company operating in the domestic Chinese market”, which sounds like a Casino ship operator.

I learned this from an interesting P&O Q&A document I stumbled across. It’s 4 pages long. The first page is headed “Agent Version only” and has a section headed “Key Messages”, while pages 2 to 4 are headed “INTERNAL Q&A – NOT TO BE ISSUED EXTERNALLY”, and as you can imagine there are a number of interesting snippets:

  • Guests can transfer their booking to Cunard: “If the guest is adamant they wish to transfer to a Cunard voyage we will allow this”n
  • out-of-pocket expenses: P&O seem to be saying that they will reimburse some of these, including insurance bought specifically for a cancelled Oriana cruise (not an annual policy); credit card fees incurred, up to 1.5%; car parking costs;and other transport costs;
  • A list of the cancelled cruises – it’s quite long.

Here’s the URL for this document – I found it by doing a Google search for “P&O Oriana leaving the fleet”. The link might stop working, of course, but if so I’ll try to post a copy after the weekend (I did manage to save a copy – it’s a PDF). I’m away from home at the moment and posting from an iPad so can’t do anything complicated until next week.

Update later: looks like that document is no longer available. As I said, I’ve got a copy and I’ll to make it available when I get home after the weekend.

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