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P&O Iona

Well, I was wrong – the new ship will not be called Olympia. As everyone knows by now, her name will be Iona. That’s a nice name, and it trips off the tongue, but of course there’s no echo of P&O heritage there at all. But never mind.

P&O have issued a fly-around animation of her; however, it doesn’t seem to want to run on my iMac. Here, instead, is a link to the same video (I think) on YouTube.

One thing I did get right is a post I did a month or so ago about the deck plans and layout. As expected, she’ll be a very close cousin of AidaNova, which is due to come into service at the very end of this year. Here’s a link to page showing the deck plans for that ship. Obviously there will be differences – bars and restaurants will be differently named, the decor will be different, and so on, but broadly speaking this is what Iona will be like. The P&O video confirms that there will be a walk-round promenade deck, though that is one area where they do appear to be some differences between the animation and the deck plans. The animation seems to show the promenade deck staying on one level whereas the deck plan shows it dropping from deck 8 to deck 7 for the aft section. But this will all be cleared up in due course.

Indeed, things might well be clearer in just a few months. The P&O webpage says that cruises on Iona will be on sale this September, and I would hope that we would have much more information about her Р numbers, locations and types of restaurants, for example, and of course deck plans Рby then.

And if anyone want an early look at what Iona might look like, then you’ll be able to see AIDAnova in Southampton on 4 December. That’s her first port of call after leaving Hamburg on 2 December for her maiden voyage.

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