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I’ve done a few posts over the last year or so about Celebrity’s forthcoming ship, Celebrity Edge. One thing that has maintained my interest in her is that Celebrity continues to be very coy about the details of the public areas on her. For example, if you go to the Celebrity UK website and navigate your way to the page showing the deck plans for Celebrity edge, you’ll see that they still have lots of blank areas with “Coming Soon” overprinted on them, and that’s the way it’s been for ages. This is true for most of the public decks; that is is, decks 15, 14, 5, 4, 3 (part) and 2. (All of the other decks are accommodation decks, and the cabin information has been all present and correct for quite a while.)

But I like to think I’m a resourceful chap so I’ve looked in one or two other places, and I’ve been able to find out quite a bit. There are still some gaps but no many. Here’s what I’ve found out:-

  • decks 16 & 15 – nothing different from what’s on the Celebrity site, unfortunately;
  • deck 14. This is the main Lido deck, and also where you’d expect to find the buffet. On the Celebrity site the area aft of the lifts is blanked out, but I’ve found details of two areas here, the OceanView Cafe and ‘Secondo Bacio’ – possibly a second version of Cafe Al Bacio on deck 4. The OceanView cafe sounds like the buffet. There is also lots of seating indicated around this area;
  • decks 12 – 7: accommodation decks, about which we already have good information;
  • deck 6: most of this deck is accommodation but right at the stern there is a blanked-out area on the Celebrity plans. I think this is an area called ‘Eden’, which will be a speciality restaurant. Here’s Celebrity’s description of it: “Try divine, experiential cuisine at Eden Restaurant to the crescendo of theatrics that close the night while delighting your eyes and ears. We invite you to indulge every sense in a space that transforms from chillful mornings to playful afternoons to sinful evenings“. There’s also a ‘Ramp to Deck 5’ wrapping round the aft-most part of this space;
  • deck 5: this is essentially the Promenade deck, or as much of one as will exist. The area at the forward end is still officially obscured, but that’s got to be the theatre, so I’m not too concerned about that area. Running aft from the theatre the Celebrity site is still obscured, but on my other source I can see the following areas:
    • ‘The Club’;
    • amidships, there’s the ‘Fine Cut Steakhouse’ (port side) and ‘Raw’ (starboard);
    • Aft of them is an open area, then Blu, the standard restaurant for Aqua customers;
    • Aft of that, and occupying the final quarter or so of the deck, is another Eden area. This one is labelled ‘Eden Cafe’ and also ‘Eden Bar’, and of course right at the stern there’s the ‘Ramp up to deck 6’. Rather worryingly there’s also something labelled ‘Entrance’, so that suggests that Eden will have controlled access of some form or other. In fact looking again at the plans for deck 6 I can’t see any connection between the Eden restaurant there and the accommodation area immediately forward of it, so the only way of getting to that restaurant will be via the ramp from deck 5;
  • deck 4: Again, right at the bow is what I assume will be the theatre. Heading aft from there, and starting at the forward staircase, are the following:
    • ‘The Meeting Place’ (port side), then ‘The Club’ (also to port). Opposite that is an area which is still obscured, even on my other source;
    • to port is ‘Le Grand Bistro’ (a speciality restaurant, I presume) and opposite that is the ‘Cafe Al Bacio’;
    • There’s an obscured area right in the centre of this area, between the two venues above;
    • Aft of that to port is the Casino Bar and the Casino;
    • Opposite the casino to starboard is another obscured area – sorry!
    • then we have what look two of the complimentary restaurants, Cosmopolitan and Cyprus (see this earlier post about restaurants on Celebrity Edge);
    • and finally on this deck, and right at the stern, we have yet another are labelled ‘Eden Restaurant’. So it looks as if the full Eden experience will cover three decks….;
  • deck 3: this is quite odd. Once again at the bow there’s what I still assume is the theatre, but still obscured. Then there are oceanview cabins to port and starboard, stretching perhaps two-thirds of the way back. But the area between the cabins is open:
    • approximately amidships there’s something labelled ‘Grand Plaza Cafe’, which suggests that the whole open area is The Grand Plaza; presumably, the lowest level of the atrium. There are some still-obscured areas around here;
    • Aft of the cabins and the Grand Plaza are the other two complimentary restaurants, the Normandie and the Tuscan;
    • and aft of them is a large unlabelled and unobscured area that has to be the kitchen for all of the complimentary restaurants;
  • deck 2: The facilities on this deck are still almost completely obscured, although there is an area amidships that’s labelled ‘Destination Gateway’.

So that’s what I’ve learned. My source for this information is https://cruisedeckplans.com . I have a subscription to this site, but I believe the subscription just removes the adverts and gives access to added content such as photos of specific cabins and areas that have been uploaded by subscribers. I think that the actual deckmlans are available to non-subscribers.

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