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It’s no secret that P&O are getting a new ship in 2020. She’ll be enormous – bigger than Britannia – but that’s the way things are going.

I did a couple of posts some while ago with the first news about the new ship. First, there was this post with the details that had been announced by P&O. After that I found some deck plans for a very similar ship that’s due to go into service for Aida Cruises, another Carnival brand. This Aida ship – AidaNova – will be the first of this larger class of ships to be finished which is why we already have a lot of information about it.

Olympia is the preliminary name given to the cruise ship

Today I’ve received an email from Bolsover Cruise Club about the P&O ship. It mainly repeats the information that we already had, but it adds something new (to me at least) – a possible name for the new ship. The email links back to a page on the Bolsover site that contains this snippet: “Olympia is the preliminary name given to the cruise ship by P&O Cruises”. That said, I can’t find anything on the P&O site to confirm this, so it could all be rumour.

But they’ll be selling cruises on her before too long, so details should emerge during this year.

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