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As I said in my last post, P&O have announced that they are to get another big new ship. This will be delivered in 2022, and will be a sister to the earlier big ship which is due in 2020. As yet, we have no details of either of them.

However….. P&O being part of Carnival Corp, it doesn’t get new ships to its own design. The hull and the organisation of the superstructure (including the open decks) will be shared with all the other ships that Carnival Corp is building to the same design. Of course there will be differences – I’m sure that P&O will get a British design agency to provide a detailed design for the cabins and all the public spaces, but the actual layout will be very similar. For example, while the style of the restaurants and bars will differ from ships of one line to those of another, the actual restaurants and bars will be in the same locations on each ship, and will be the same size on each ship. Similarly, the number of decks – public and accommodation – will be the same. An example would be the similarities and differences between Royal Princess and Britannia.

With that in mind I did a bit of research and found that the first of the new ships to be delivered will be, I believe, AidaNova. She’ll be delivered to Aida Cruises (obviously) at the very end of 2018 – Aida are selling cruises on her for December. And on the Aida Cruises website were the deck plans, which I downloaded and have attached above.

First thoughts – she’ll be big: the superstructure will include six full accommodation decks plus parts of another two, and there will be a further two decks in the hull each of which will be two-thirds accommodation; so call it nearly eight decks of cabins. On the bright side, those cabins in the hull decks will probably be ‘ocean view’ cabins rather than balcony, and therefore perhaps a bit cheaper. I haven’t had the chance to get my head around all the features of the public decks, and in any case those are the areas that are most likely to differ on the P&O ships. However, I did spot one thing: is that a promenade on deck 8, continuing down to deck 7 at the stern? That would be a welcome return if it is – we really missed that on Britannia.

Apologies for the small size of the PDF file, please use the embedded tool bar to get as much from it as you can. Alternatively, here’s a link to the same deck plan on the Aida site – it can be downloaded from there.

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