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Moving the Blog….

So, for my 1,001st post, here’s a bit of boring technical information.

I’ve had this blog for almost 10 years, and for most of that time it’s had the address ‘tomscruiseblog.co.uk’. This is itself mapped onto the original, basic ‘.wordpress.com’ address that the blog originally went under, and which is actually still there – the actual basic address for the blog is ‘tomtotley.wordpress.com’ . Recently I was able to get my hands on the ‘tomscruiseblog dot com’ domain name and I’ve registered that, so fairly soon) that will become the main address of the blog. However, all being well the .co.uk address will continue to work – I gather that I can map that address onto the new one – so there’ll be no need to change links. However, the ‘tomtotley.wordpress dot com’ address won’t work after I’ve made this move so if anyone is still using that you’ll need to switch to tomscruiseblog dot com (or tomscruiseblog dot co dot uk).

Just to complicate matters further, I’m also moving the blog away from its present site to a new one. The present blog has been hosted by wordpress.com for all of its life, and it’s been effective. However, the level of subscription I’ve got (basically, the free deal..) gives me very restricted access to amending the site – I can’t add plugins, I can’t make changes to the css, and I get very restricted information about my visitors. Moving to an independent hosting provider will give me all of those. There won’t be any changes immediately, but going forward – who knows?

I’ll probably trigger the domain name change and the hosting provider move later this week. I’ll leave the tomtotley.wordpress dot com site in place for a while, until I’m sure that my visitors are finding the new site, but sooner or later it will go. I’ll do another post when I’ve made these first changes.

4 Responses to “Moving the Blog….”

  1. Hi Tom, I’ve no idea what all of this techy stuff really means, but good luck!

  2. Tom Burke says:

    I’ll let you know how it goes! Of course, if Tom’s Cruise Blog vanishes, you’ll already have a good clue….

  3. Malcolm Fowler says:

    Hi Tom,
    I lost my link to your regular and informative blogs earlier this year. I am hoping that by responding to your comments here I will be reconnected. By that I mean, I will get notification in my ‘In Box’ that a new blog has been posted. Keep up the good work and interesting comments in your blogs.

    • Tom Burke says:


      Thanks for the query, and the compliments!

      I wonder if the notification emails ceased when I moved the blog? – it looks as if they might have. In fact, I can’t see the ‘Follow’ button on the blog at all. I’ll find out where it’s disappeared to…..

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