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Our next cruise

Once again it has been so long since I last posted that I ought to apologise. For whatever reason, nothing has caught my eye, or my interest in the last couple of months. But I have finally managed to crank the old brain into gear, and produced this pearl.

I posted some while ago that when we were on Azura this summer we had booked our next cruise. This will be a fly-cruise! – our first for nearly 10 years. It will be in September 2018, on Oceana, and just for seven nights – we’ll be doing the Adriatic section of her itinerary, with calls at Ravenna, Venice, Dubrovnik and Split. In addition we’ll be prefacing the cruise with two nights in Malta (the cruise starts and finishes at Malta) which we’re also doing through P&O, by using their ‘City Stay’ add-on package.

At the time we booked the cruise the flights were uncertain, and the documentation we received was a bit confusing – on the one hand it said it was a “round trip from Manchester” but on the other hand it said that the outbound flight would be from Gatwick. All of this was because at the time of booking (June 2017) flight details for September 2018 weren’t known. Obviously P&O would be chartering the regular flights for the start and end dates of the cruise itself, but not for the day we would actually be departing which will be two days before the cruise start date.

Now they are known, and we’ve got exactly what we wanted. Our outbound flight will be from Manchester with Air Malta. We’ll depart just before 11am, and arrive in Malta just after 3pm local time. That’s a pretty civilised time for a flight – we could even just about drive over the Manchester that morning (we’d want to be at the airport by 8 o’clock). However I suspect Val would prefer to not do that, so I think I hear the siren call of the Premier Inn on Runger Lane….

Coming back we’ll be on the Thomson Airline charter flight, departing mid-morning and arriving in Manchester early afternoon. We couldn’t really ask for anything more convenient.

4 Responses to “Our next cruise”

  1. Great Blog, not seen you posting on my Group lately

  2. Janet N says:

    Glad you’ve sorted out any issues for your next cruise holiday and hope you have a great time.
    Thanks so much for your informative blog. It’s a fantastic resource for cruisers and has been a great help to us.
    Have you seen any info about the scope of the Oceana refit this winter?
    Would love to book for the itinerary out of Valletta but our last experience of this ship wasn’t the best. Mum and I were on a Med cruise in a lovely aft suite with the best ever balcony, queen bed for Mum but with no option for twin so I used the sofa bed advertised as suitable for 2. The sofa bed was appalling,sagging, uncomfortable and not fit for purpose. The following year in an aft mini suite we had exactly the same problem. If the sofa bed isn’t being replaced in the refit it would be a deal breaker for future Oceana cruises for us, yet the itinerary is great.
    Love most of the aft suite cabins on P&O especially Ventura and Azura (and Britannia to a slightly lesser extent) as they generally have great balconies and are in a quiet location. Not sure if to risk Oceana again!

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Janet, and sorry you had problems on Oceana.

      We’ve never had an aft suite – indeed, we’ve never had a suite at all! I wonder if your problems were because of the age of the ship? I have a feeling that while decor, etc, might change during refits, furnishings perhaps don’t – at best, they might get recovered. I remember seeing an article about the decommissioning of the QE2, and there were comments to the effect that a lot of the furniture that was being taken out was pretty much the same stuff that had gone in in 1969….

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