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Adonia leaving P&O

[Updated – see below]

I’ve been emailed (thank you Neil Ringan) with information that Adonia is leaving P&O to join Azamara in March 2018. That will leave three of the R ships with Azamara – the other four are with Oceania Cruises. [Update] Here’s a link to the page on the P&O website with the news.

I must admit, I’m shocked by this news. It’s very unusual for a ship to transfer between the two big camps, yet this is what’s happening – P&O is Carnival, of course, while Azamara is in the Royal Caribbean empire. I suppose Azamara must have made them an off they couldn’t refuse – and to be honest, Princess’ last R-ship went to Oceania not that long ago.

I’m also surprised by the date – March 2018. That’s just 6 months away. I had thought that Adonia had cruises scheduled for some date after that. More digging required, I think.

But that’s the news – Adonia is leaving P&O, which can no longer claim to be a ‘small ship’ cruise line in any way.

Update – it looks as if all of Adonia’s existing cruises after D802 have been cancelled, and that cruise might have been changed – it’s now showing as D802A. Subsequent cruises e.g. D803 are no longer available on the P&O website, but can be found on other TA websites.

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  1. Neil Ringan says:

    Thanks for the mention Tom – the link to the announcement which is now live on the P&O web site is at http://www.pocruises.com/cruise-ships/adonia/

    As you correctly state, Adonia was slated to run cruises through until D905 in March 2019 when she repositioned back from Barbados to Southampton – these were all listed in the July 2017 – March 2019 brochure and were on the P&O web site until a week or so ago.

    I suspect you’re right in RCCL having made them an offer they couldn’t refuse


  2. Gary says:

    I’m glad we managed to get on her in August for a week so we’ve now been on all current P&O ships. We enjoyed it but we would have only booked on her again if the itinerary had been something special as for us there was too little to do and a week seemed quite a long time.

    The head waiter, who we’ve seen many times before, said he’d recently transferred to Adonia for a quiet time (relatively) so I guess he’s not going to be too happy.

    I do think business wise it’s probably correct for P&O to let her go though.

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