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I’d missed this article on the BBC News site. It makes interesting reading. Perhaps P&O is a little behind the curve – there weren’t many under-45s on our recent cruise to Norway and Iceland – but there gain, perhaps it was also at the wrong time of year.

Anyway, here’s the link. (Not so sure about the “faster and cheaper wifi” comment, though….)

5 Responses to “BBC News article – "Why are more under 45s choosing cruise holidays"”

  1. Hi Tom
    I think you’re right about it depending on when you travel as logically there will be a higher number of “younger” adults (specifically parents) on school holiday cruises. Also, perhaps the average age stats also include children? On our next cruise on Britannia sailing August 12th there are still cabins available but when I did a dummy booking (out of curiosity for a price comparison) P&O’s website advised that there were no child places available. I don’t know the exact capacity for children on Britannia; I thought I read somewhere it is 700 and I’ve seen cruise forum postings suggesting at least 600.
    We used to love sailing “off peak” before our son came along and would avoid school holidays. However, we still enjoy our cruises even with all the natural, extra commotion of a ship carrying lots of children. Our son chooses not to go in the kids’ clubs but for many young parents it is an easy option for the kids to be entertained in a safe environment whilst they enjoy some “down time.” No wonder they’re getting more and more popular!

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks, Damian

      I hadn’t actually thought about how having young children on board would affect the mean. I suppose the advent of Ventura, Azura and Britannia, which are all large ‘family-friendly’ ships (in P&O parlance) might have increased the number of children on board.

  2. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Hi Tom, yes the demographic and on-board atmosphere on a P&O ship in the School holidays is completely different to say an of-season cruise to Norway of the Baltic’s.

  3. Andrea says:

    Interesting article. On our recent cruise to Iceland, we reckon 90% were over 70 years old. However, it isn’t really about age as such, but more about attitude towards life. Unfortunately, many people acted old and were happy to watch people doing things rather than get up themselves. This was particularly the case, during the evenings and I do wish Fred Olsen would update their entertainment. Next time, we may try P&O or some other cruise line. To be fair, Fred Olsen do cruise to some interesting places.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Andrea, and apologies for taking so long to do anything with it.

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