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Holiday perils

This is a sad story:

Sint Maarten jet engine blast kills New Zealand woman

I’ve no idea if the woman who died was a cruise passenger or not, though probably not. But like many others I’ve looked at the YouTube videos of planes landing and taking off from the airfield on Sint Maarten. First just to see how low over the beach the aircraft were as they seemed to float into their landing, then later, I’ll admit, watching people standing in the jet exhausts as the planes took off. I was always aware, of course, that it had to be dangerous, but hearing the shouts of excitement on the YouTube videos somehow negated the obvious risks. “That must be exciting!” I probably thought.

This story is a tragic reminder that danger must never be ignored no matter how exciting it might look. As I say, this accident may well not have been to someone who was on a cruise but there are plenty of activities that cruise passengers undertake that could be dangerous. Please, everyone, take care.

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  1. Hello Tom.

    Folk will ignore the warning signs that are right in your face.

    While all loss of life is regrettable, at this particular spot there are those who insist on pushing their luck and abandoning all caution…


    Second Photograph on the link is most pertinent.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, Richard, and also for the link.

      I suspect the planes coming in aren’t quite as low as they look, but they do look – and probably feel – as if they’re going to give someone a haircut.

      But there’s a world of difference between watching them land and standing behind them at take-off.

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