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We all know that P&O are due to get a new ship in 2020. What’s often forgotten is that this new ship will be one of half-a-dozen or so on the same hull and therefore with broadly the same facilities, and these will ships will be distributed around the various Carnival Corp fleets. The first two will go to AIDA and Costa, and they’ll be in service in 2019, which means that details of the facilities for those ships at least will have to be become visible fairly soon.

So here’s a YouTube video animation of the AIDA ship. It’s quite short, very glitzy and I’m sure that the P&O ship won’t have the same details, certainly not configurable details – e.g. a bar here, a restaurant there – but the broad outlines will be the same. To that end, I was pleased to see what looks very much like an external promenade one deck above the boat deck.

More details in due course, of course.

(Many thanks to ‘danielundecided’ who posted the link to the YouTube video on Cruise critic, which is how I found it.)

3 Responses to “Will P&O's new ship look like this?”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Hi Tom, yes it will look exactly like that without the silly AIDA hull art.

    In October 2016 P&O had a model on show of the ship, which Costa, Carnival, AIDA and P&O will get.

    It seems that the cooler water versions (AIDA and P&O) will have a big dome on the upper deck. The hot climate versions (Coata and Carnival) probably does not.

    See: http://wp.me/pfRKD-4Iv

  2. Neil Ringan says:

    Hi Tom. Long time no comment, though I still do follow your great blog. In case you missed it, announcement today that Adonia is transferring to Azamara in March 2018 to become Azamara Pursuit. That explains why the new 2019 brochure doesn’t show her beyond March 2018 even though the previous brochure (and web site up until last week) showed a full 2018/19 itinerary. Doesn’t really surprise me – she was starting to feel rather anomalous in the direction P&O are steering now. Guess there will be an outcry from certain passengers – we have never been on her as not sure I could cope with such a claustrophobic environment and lack of facilities, though appreciate she can get to ports the larger ships can’t

    Keep up the good work

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