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(Yet) Another sea day

So today we’re at sea, on a passage from the Faroe Islands to Belfast. That’s the sixth sea day of the cruise so far, and we have another one to come for the passage from Belfast to Southampton. Seven sea days in a fourteen night cruise is too many. Of course, it would have been only six in total except for the cancelled call at Reykjavik. But we have been getting bored, and we’ve probably found ourselves gravitating to the Glasshouse too often.

All that said, today’s passage has been spectacular. Our course was through The Minches (?),  between the Inner and Outer Hebrides. I hadn’t realised that a ship running down the middle of the channel would have good views of both groups of islands, but that’s the case. We started with Lewis to starboard at breakfast, followed by the mountains of Harris and then the Uists. By lunchtime Skye was in clear view to port, and it just went on all day. Unfortunately the weather was overcast so the light was quite flat and I didn’t bother taking any photographs. However I did see a number of serious cameras in use today, e.g Canon 5D IIIs and IVs, and some good Nikons, all with f2.8 long zoom lenses on them ( the photographers among my readers will understand all this), but I also saw frustrated and disappointed looks on their owners’ faces rather than smiles so I think I was right to simply enjoy the views and not try to record them.

Yesterday evening we had another meal in Sindhu. I have to report that this wasn’t as outstanding as we’d hoped. We both had a chicken korma, and we both found it very bland. Yes, a korma is a mild dish but we had been expecting at least some hint of spicyness. We’ve been a little disappointed with Sindhu this cruise – is it getting a little stale, I wonder? Certainly the procedure hasn’t changed for a number of years: first you get the amazing expanding hand towel, then the pre-starter, the starter, a sorbet, then the main course and finally dessert. It all seemed a bit mechanical this time. Are we getting too used to it, or is it getting tired?

Belfast tomorrow. The weather isn’t promising so our plans to take ourselves out to the Co. Down coastal towns of Bangor and Donaghadee may have to change. More at the end of the day.

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