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This morning we’re at Belfast and therefore I have a good phone signal and can post some pictures from the Faroes. Unfortunately I don’t think they’re very good. My memories of the Faroes are of ever-changing light, with cloud and rain changing quickly to sunshine and then back again. Even when it was raining where we were, I could almost always see somewhere – a mountainside, for example – where there was sunlight. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve bought this very well. Ah well, here they are.


Belfast today is grey and drizzly, so we’re uncertain what to do. I was really hoping it would be sunny for the call here and we were planning to revisit some places I’d visited on childhood holidays. Instead I think we’ll take ourselves ashore to the tourist information centre and see what inspires us once we get there.

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  1. Jason Hayes says:

    Tom thanks for your reviews. My wife Lynn is a subscriber to your blog and it inspires her next cruising experience. So far we have only done 2 p&o cruises. We are in our 40s but don’t enjoy too much hustle n bustle. Would you recommend celebrity or cunard as being worth the extra cost over p&o? We both enjoyed p&o fine. Also in your experience if you book an inside cabin are you likely to be allocated a 2 table?

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the question, Jason.

      I’d like to reply but it needs a fuller one than I can give it while I’m on the cruise. I’ll address the issue after I get home.

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