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We had our first meal in the Glasshouse this evening. We weren’t going to – we just went for a drink – but three-quarters of the way down the first glass of wine we agreed that we couldn’t be bothered moving so we decided to eat where we were. I had the 6ozs steak and Val had the trio of English sausages, which she said were very good, and we both had cheesecake for dessert. We washed these down with a couple of glasses of Malbec (me) and Rioja (Val). Val said that the sausages were every bit as good as she remembered them from two years ago, but I thought the steak was perhaps a bit less tender than previously. But I have to say that in the last year or two I’ve made a few trips to the US and had American steaks, so I may have more to compare them with now.

After that we retired to the cabin and watched a movie – High Crimes. Never heard of it before, but it entertained us for the rest of the evening. Finally (at 11:30) we went for a turn round the Promenade – windy, and quite chilly, but above all still light. The sea is a bit more active tonight – we can feel Azura moving a bit. About time….

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