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We watched the last of the Jane McDonald Programmes this evening. Overall, we enjoyed them. I don’t think they were especially about cruising; they seemed to be more about her on a cruise, and given her personality it was mostly her. But if you’re making a TV programme you need a presenter or anchor who is going to engage the viewers, and Jane McDonald certainly did that.

The programmes themselves were varied, and we thought that was due to her own different responses to the different cruises. We got the feeling that she could take or leave the MSC megaship – the best bits of that one were definitely the sequences ashore. The second one, on the small Scottish ship, was very good – she seemed very relaxed in those surroundings and that came through. The third one, we felt, was in direct contrast – she seemed awkward and out of place on the river boat, and seemed very unrelaxed. And we thought the dirndl was a definite mistake!

The final episode was much better, probably the best of the series. She seemed to respond to the ship – medium-sized, not too many people – very positively. Indeed, she was obviously loving the day in the spa, and also the dressing room chat with the dancers. And of course the scenery was stunning. That came across as an enthusiastic endorsement of cruising in Alaska.

Based on the best two programmes I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was a second series. Best moment? – possibly her singing ‘Amazing Grace’ in Fingal’s Cave.

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Hi Tom, I agree. I’m not sure the episodes were really about cruising as such, but as pieces of entertainment they were very good.

    I did note that when she went to a boring port of call (in my opinion anyway) they showed her doing something else.

    Skagway for example looks great, but the traditional looking buildings are just full of T-Shirt shops. Jane spent her time in the Spa!

    I also note that the whale-tail they showed and bears were ‘stock footage’.

    When I was in Alaska I actually saw very little wild-life. Whales and bears are wise enough to run away when they see maybe three giant cruise ship coming with 2000+ passengers.

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