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Celebrity have announced that not only will the details of their much-anticipated, much-concealed Celebrity Edge ship (and class) will be available on 13 March, but bookings will open the same day as well. Her first cruise will take place in ‘Fall 2018’ – I imagine we’ll get the actual date on the 13th.

The Celebrity Edge story has been shrouded in mystery. Even now, there’s very little information around about the design of the ship – Celebrity have kept the details very tight. However, here’s a link to a post I did in November with as much information as I could find at that time.

One thing that became obvious as I did the Newbuilds page was the relatively modest size and capacity of this new ship/class. At only 117,000 tons and 2,900 passengers it will almost be a medium-size ship; these days, I would probably regard “large ship” as beginning at around 150,000 tons and 3,500 passengers. So an interesting choice for Celebrity, and perhaps serves to distinguish them more clearly from their parent Royal Caribbean.

Unfortunately I shall be travelling on 13 March – I’m having a non-cruise holiday visiting some places in Asia that I’ve wanted to see for a long while – so it might not be until the weekend afterwards that I can get to cover the revealed details. But if the Lone Pine hotel in Penang has decent wifi, and if it’s too hot in that part of Malaysia to do anything else, I may be able to post something.

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