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I’m a sucker for them – even though they often don’t satisfy.

Recently we (Val & I) have been watching the second series of “The Cruise” on ITV which of course features guests and crew on Regal Princess. We enjoyed the first season (in 2016) but so far haven’t been grabbed so much by this season. Possibly some of the featured characters haven’t been quite so gripping – or maybe they’ve just been a bit more annoying. But the final episode is being broadcast tonight (10 February) so I’ve no doubt we’ll watch it to the bitter end (on catch-up, generally). I think I’ve enjoyed the bits with the engineer most – there have been some interesting insights into how the thing works. I especially liked the view of the sanitation control room; and the bit about the leaking fountain in the atrium was also good.

Just to confuse things, at 9 o’clock tonight there’s another cruising programme (Channel). This is the first of 4 programmes featuring Jane McDonald, who (I gather) rose to fame in an earlier Cruise show in the late 90s when she was a headline singer on Galaxy. She was able to leverage the exposure she gained on that show not only into a musical/performance career but also a general media career.

Jane vowed she had left cruise ships behind but now she’s back where it all began

I don’t think this will be a documentary-soap in the same way as the ITV series have been, as I’ve read a comment that she will “present a new four-part travel show” and that she will be “…filming reviews of cruise holidays”. So we shall give it a watch.

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  1. Tom, I find these type of programs to be rather cheap telly and very trivial. Personally I tend to really enjoy them!

    In part, I just like seeing the insides of the ships.


    • Tom Burke says:


      One interesting difference between then and now: I gather that the 1998 Cruise programme that featured Jane McDonald got an audience of over 10 million. The present ‘Cruise’ series on ITV are down around 3 to 4 million at best.

  2. We’re the same. Watch them, don’t have to concentrate too hard, enjoy seeing the ships and also the ports (especially those we’ve visited ourselves).

    • Tom Burke says:

      Yep. Can’t help thinking that Regal Princess (and doubtless Royal also) looks a lot glitzier and more glamorous than Britannia. And we liked the bit where Timothy and the engineer chap were shown enjoying a drink at Santorini.

  3. Bob Thompson says:

    I thought the first series concentrated to much on the older cruiser, if they want to attract new cruiser’s then they need to show a mix of young and old

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