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So here’s the last post on this topic, this time covering ships under construction or on order for Royal Caribbean, MSC and TUI.

I ought to say that these lists have not been built using information directly from the relevant lines. Although I asked Royal Caribbean (twice) I’ve not received a reply from them. (I did from Celebrity, separately, however.) And to be honest I only thought of MSC and TUI at a late moment in this process and decided to go straight to other sources for them.

First up must be Royal Caribbean:


I think the information regarding tonnage and berths is about right for the Oasis and Quantum ships on order, but I’m not sure how good it is for the later “Icon” class ships – they’re a long way into the future, and even if the information is right now, it could change by the time construction starts.

Next is TUI cruises. My understanding is that this line is still a joint venture between Royal Caribbean and TUI, the German-owned travel company. Certainly, the line began with two Celebrity ships (Galaxy and Mercury) being transferred to TUI, significantly refurbished/upgraded, and renamed “Mein Schiff 1” and “Mein Schiff 2”. Since then three new builds, Mein Schiffs 3, 4 and 5, have already gone into service. It’s also been announced that Mein Schiff 1 & 2 will transfer to Thomson Cruises – a part of the TUI empire – and apparently they will be replaced in a few years by bigger new builds.


Finally there’s MSC. This is in many ways the most remarkable cruise line of all. They currently have a fleet of twelve ships, beginning with the Lirica class which entered service with MSC in 2003; and as the table below shows, they have a further 11 ships either under construction or on order. Most are huge, too.



So that’s it: a total of 46 ships either under construction or on order. By line the figures look like this: 19 for the whole of the Carnival Corp; 10 for Royal Caribbean & Celebrity; 9 for MSC; and 3 each for the NCL group and TUI. I hope this exercise has been useful and at least moderately interesting. I’ve been surprised at how many ships are on order; but perhaps not so surprised at how big most of them will be. Ah well, that’s cruising in the twenty-teens!

I hope to combine all the data I’ve collected into a single sheet, publish on the site as a ‘Page’ rather than a post, and keep it up-to-date.

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