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There are stories floating around this morning that Fathom will cease offering voyages at the end of summer 2017. Apparently, while the voyages to Cuba became very popular, the ‘social impact’ voyages to the Dominican Republic never found a market. So the line will stop offering voyages. It’s likely that other lines owned by Carnival Corporation – indeed, any number of lines, I would expect – will offer voyages to Cuba, given the way that relations between the US and Cuba have thawed in the last year or so. As regards the efforts in the Dominical Republic it’s suggested that the Fathom concept will continue, but as an add-on to other Carnival lines’ voyages to that country – ‘Fathom’ activities will be available on those voyages.

Adonia will be returned to P&O UK, but there’s no word yet about a set of itineraries for her.

Here’s a link to a story in the Miami Herald about it, and another link to a story on USA Today.

Finally, here’s link to the set of posts I did about Fathom.

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