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As I’m sure most of my readers will already know, a passenger was killed yesterday while on an excursion in Dominica. In addition to the fatality, other passengers were injured – though none seriously. It’s not completely clear from what I’ve read whether the excursion was one provided by P&O or not – their comment says “P&O Cruises regrets to confirm that a bus operated by a shore excursion provider was involved in a collision in Dominica on Wednesday lunchtime“. Here’s a link to a story about the accident on the BBC News website.

My thoughts are with the family of the dead passenger. It must be awful for a wonderful holiday to be turned into tragedy in a moment; and for close family members to have to deal with with mundane matters such as planning flights home, etc, must be awful. That said, I’m sure P&O are supporting them as much as possible.

This transatlantic voyage hasn’t been a happy cruise for Azura. Some repair work was necessary at Ponta Delgado (Azores) which delayed her departure from there for nearly 24 hours. Currently at Grenada, she’s due at Barbados tomorrow (Friday) to embark passengers on her first fly-cruise of this season.

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