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Fathom shifting?

I’ve done a few posts about Fathom, Carnival Corp’s new ‘culturally immersive’ cruise line. They’ve been operating since the spring or early summer, doing alternating week-long cruises to the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

I had become aware that there were some extremely good offers for Dominican Republic cruises. Now Carnival Corp has announced two additional sailings to Cuba in October and November, presumably with equivalent cancellation of planned sailings to the Dominican Republic.

The press release refers to “strong pent-up demand” by passengers for cruises to Cuba. Perhaps Fathom has found its market after all, except that it’s based on Cuban-Americans checking out the old homestead rather than passengers wanting to give something back in the Dominican Republic? How long before Adonia is replaced with something bigger, I wonder? And if that happens, could Adonia return to P&O? The response to the announcement of the new ship that P&O will be getting in 2020 was generally along the lines of “Too big! Bring back Adonia!”

Here’s a link to the press release.

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