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I’ve just read that Carnival Corp have placed an order with Meyer for three new 180,000 ton ships, all of them LNG fuelled. Two are for Carnival Cruises, but the third is stated to be for P&O UK. Delivery not before 2020. Here’s a link to the Press Release page on the Carnival Corp site.

More info as I get it….

5 Responses to “Big new ship for P&O – 180,000 tons,LPG-fuel”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    180,000 makes her one of the biggest classes of ships in the world – only 2nd to the Oasis class at present.

    These ships will also be ‘quite’ dense in term of passengers capacity. In fact they have the highest passenger capacity in the world, but are 25% smaller than the Oasis class.

    I think this ship will definitely put P&O in the mass-market game along with RCI and NCL.


    • Tom Burke says:

      I think you’re right! No real information about the ship yet, of course – we wait with interest.

      • Malcolm Oliver says:

        Yes Tom, 6,600 passengers max, 180,000gt and LNG are the only facts we have. The bigger Oasis class carries 6,300 max.

  2. I reckon this will mean RCL putting Oasis 5 in Southampton. Could be a new set of cruise wars

  3. Malcolm Oliver says:

    The problem with ships like Oasis, is she is not really very suited to the UK climate. He vast exterior spaces like the boardwalk/Auqua Theater and Central Park would be unusable at times, even in our summer, making these ships very crowded. She is also probably not ideal for crossing the Bay of Biscay etc.

    However we do not know if the 180,000 ships will be very suitable for our climate? They will probably be essentially designed for the Caribbean and Med like most ships are.

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